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Revolutionary Pain Reduction



Who needs to hold on to Old Pain?  I can help reduce or totally remove your pain!


OldPain2Go® – helps remove or reduce the pain that no longer serves you.  It communicates with the part of the brain that sends pain signals.  OldPain2Go® can provide safe, effective pain reduction or relief without the need for physical bodywork.   I can show you how you can make that mind/body connection and get rid of your old pain for good!  

It works for most chronic/old pain, as long as you have been assessed and there is no underlying reason for the pain that requires medical attention.  Conditions OldPain2Go® can be used on include:

Arthritis, joint pains, sciatica, old injuries, back pain, Fibromyalgia, migraines, and so much more.

Usually, only one session required for simple issues, more complex may need 2 sessions.

Sessions can be done in person or just as effectively over video messaging (Skype, FaceTime etc.) because no physical touch is required.

Click to visit founder Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go® website to explore more!

Call Donna at 519-855-9846 for a free consult and to make an appointment.  A phone conversation is required before scheduling your first session to ensure OldPain2Go® is the right modality for you.



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