I am delighted to announce the results of the preliminary study into the effects of McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® (MSTR®) on Caesarean Section scars.  The research project was conducted at The Newcastle Clinic, Newcastle, UK on June 15th, 2019 with Consultant Radiologist Dr. Raju.

General Electric (GE) Soniq S8 ultrasound scanner was used for the test. Three test subjects with C-sections were pre-scanned and images recorded. Size and depth of scar tissue were also recorded and the amount of both surrounding and within the scar was also imaged.

MSTR® work was then applied for a total of 15 minutes per subject only, as a single treatment.  Immediately afterwards a post-treatment ultrasound scan was then conducted by Dr. Raju.

All three subjects were shown to have decreased scar tissue in the post-treatment scan. One example of improvement was a scar that was measured at 31.5mm pre-treatment. The scar was re-measured at just 18.1mm post-treatment.

Another example was that of a longitudinal scar reducing in size from 22.7mm pre-treatment to just 10.4mm post-treatment.  An increase in was noted not only in the surrounding tissue but also actually through the scar. Interestingly, no was present in the pre-scan of the same area.

This confirms what has always been stated: MSTR® helps open the densely bound collagen that scar tissue to allow increased blood flow into the area once again.

This preliminary success has now kick-started a larger study that will be undertaken at ‘The Newcastle’ later in 2019.  You can read more about the MSTR® Research Project here:

This means that you can have even more confidence in MSTR® work now that it is an evidence-based method of scar tissue treatment.



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