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Seeing someone you care about do things they haven't done in a long time is the best part of what I do.

Read some of the testimonials and watch the videos to see some amazing results!

Shoulder Injury

I had injured my shoulder which in return sent a continuous throbbing pain down my left arm. It didn't matter what position I got in; the pain was always there. I had several chiropractor appointments which helped alleviate the pain temporarily, but I was told my injury was going to be quite some time (several weeks) before it was healed due to the severity of the injury that had caused some nerve damage. That's when I asked Donna if she could help me. She worked on me a couple of times, two days apart, and then the following morning after my last treatment with her when I woke up the pain had completely disappeared. It was really quite amazing how the pain just left my body, and I could return to my everyday tasks. Thank you so much, Donna, you truly have a gift of healing!



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